EXPERTool 11.9

Fine tune and change various aspects of your GPU settings

Customize your GPU performance by changing various aspects of its settings. Overclock it with simple sliders. Displays information about the current status through its built-in sensors: core clock, core temperature, fan speed, core voltage, and more.

EXPERTool 6.7 is a video configuration program for nVIDIA GPUs. Once installed, it stays as an icon (a white cross over a red square) on the system tray. Right-clicking over it you will see a contextual menu. You will be able to choose several commands. "Desktop" will allow you to configure the settings of your screen. You can set the Resolution Setting (from 640 x 480 to 1280 x 1024), the Color Setting (from 256 colors to True Color), the Font Size (from 72 dpi to 192 dpi) and the Refresh Rate in Hz. "Information" will retrieve your hardware´s information and will display data about your current video mode, resolution, vendor, VGA driver, BIOS version, VGA memory, system memory, Direct Draw version, computer name, CPU and other relevant data. "Display Properties" opens Window´s "Display Properties" window. "DirectX Information" opens Window´s "DirectX Diagnostic Tool". "Zoom In" lets you choose an area on the screen with the mouse, and then zoom in over it. "Close" closes the program.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a handy tool to manage nVidia GPUs


  • Most of the features are already present in Windows
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